A Womens Only Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center In PA


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Women struggling with substance abuse face a number of unique issues based on sex (biological) and gender (cultural). Differences in biology and the cultural roles of men and women influence a person’s battle with drug or alcohol abuse. Recovery centers dedicated to women have therapists and medical personnel who are trained to deal with female issues such as menstruation, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. In addition, they address some of the reasons for abusing drugs that are unique to women, such as weight control, self-esteem, body image issues, as well as the fear and stigma attached to addiction and mental health conditions.
Women-only drug abuse treatment, addresses the biological, social, and environmental factors that influence the reason for using illicit substances. They also consider the motivations for seeking treatment, the choice of the faith-based recovery center, and the most effective treatment. Finally, the repercussions of not obtaining treatment in a female only facility are also taken into account even if you are suffering from a drug addiction.
Women with a substance use disorder have unique needs in terms of recovery. A number of factors affect a female’s recovery from substance abuse, such as financial independence and the availability of childcare during the process. Read on to find out how gender-specific drug rehabilitation can help you or a woman in your family or friend circle.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab for Women: Taking the First Step Towards a Healthy Lifestyle

An estimated 16 million adult American women use illicit drugs. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA),there are some stark gender differences between men and women across various age groups in terms of frequency of use and the primary substance of abuse. For instance, compared to men, women can become addicted after abusing a smaller amount of the drug for a shorter period of time. The response of the female body to drugs is also different. Sex hormones can increase a woman’s sensitivity to certain drugs. Females have stronger drug cravings and are more likely to relapse after rehabilitation due to the influence of the menstrual cycle. The heart, blood vessels, and brain in the female body experience more effects than the male body. Drug overdose from certain illicit substances is more dangerous in females. Domestic violence and other social issues put women at greater risk of substance abuse. Women are prone to mental health disorders due to divorce, child custody, or death of a partner, all of which can trigger alcoholism or drug abuse. Women are also more likely to suffer from anxiety, depression, and panic attacks when using addictive substances. Gender-specific rehabilitation facilities have trained professionals to address all these issues. Let the staff at God’s Mountain Recovery Center in Waymart, PA help you get back on the right path. Our faith-based treatment program will help you rebuild those relationships you have lost to addiction.