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Our facility caters to women struggling with substance abuse from all walks of life. From the business executive needing a lifestyle change, to the daughter that is in too deep, to the veteran or celebrity wanting to reclaim her life, come to Serenity Mountain Recovery Center.

Our center, located in Northeastern PA, overlooks the scenic Pocono Mountains. Our program focuses on the unique needs of women seeking recovery. Our clients will learn the tools that they need to get well and stay well.

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Our Mission:

At SMRC our mission is to provide a safe, comfortable, and distraction-free environment for women to find freedom from active addiction and to help them begin their journey on their road to recovery. Our staff comes together to create a standard of excellence in substance abuse treatment through a caring, compassionate, and rigorous program tailored to fit each client’s needs. Our goal is to provide healing for the whole person, mind, body, and spirit. Recovery is a process, and this is the beginning.

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Professional Treatment Options For Women You Can Trust

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Alcohol Addiction

If left untreated, alcohol abuse can spiral out of control quickly. When alcohol abuse begins to negatively impact...

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Substance Abuse

Being addicted to a substance or knowing someone who is abusing a substance can take its toll. Here...

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Hallucinogens Abuse

Use of hallucinogens can produce different signs and symptoms, depending on the drug. The most common...

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Marijuana Addiction

If you’re concerned someone you care about is using marijuana or synthetic marijuana, being aware of the signs...

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Bath Salts Abuse

Substituted cathinones are psychoactive substances similar to amphetamines such as Ecstasy (MDMA) and cocaine...

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Heroin Abuse

Heroin produces a “downer” effect that rapidly induces a state of relaxation and euphoria (related to chemical changes...

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MDMA (Molly) Addiction

MDMA (3, 4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine) goes by a number of different street...

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Cocaine Addiction

Stimulants include amphetamines, cocaine. They are often used and abused in search of a “high,” or to boost...

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K2Spice (synthetic Marijuana)

Synthetic cannabinoids or K2Spice are sprayed on dried herbs and then smoked, but can be prepared as an...

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Barbiturates and benzodiazepines are prescription drugs affect the central nervous system. They’re often used and...

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Chugging cough medicine for an instant high isn’t a new practice for teens, who have raided the medicine...

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Other Addictions

A person who uses or abuses other types of drugs, or who is in withdrawal from the drug...

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